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Women On Target Instructional Shooting Clinics -  is for first time or novice shooters to experience shooting several types and calibers of handguns.  The Shooting Clinic does not qualify for the training requirements for Colorado's Concealed Handgun Permit. 

  The following was taken from the Instructional Shooting Clinic Guide which defines the goals of the program.

Women On Target® creates opportunities for women in the recreational shooting and hunting sports, and encourages experienced volunteers to become mentors and share their knowledge and skill.

The women who come to Women On Target® Instructional Shooting Clinics need a safe, friendly, and fun introduction to recreational shooting. Safety must be paramount and can never be compromised. Many women who come to your clinic may never have seen a firearm aside from television and movies. They may never have handled a firearm before and will require your undivided attention. Some beginners may be skittish about handling firearms. Once you help them learn the necessary skills to enjoy shooting, you'll be rewarded with seeing their apprehension change to smiles, enthusiasm, and eagerness for more experience.

By providing the opportunity for participants to safely handle, load, fire, and unload a variety of firearms, you will be building relationships in your community and developing sustained interest in the shooting sports. Be sure to offer your participants a schedule of events that they may enjoy at your club or range, including information on membership. If you offer other NRA classes, camps, leagues, or competitive programs be sure to point out that taking advantage of these opportunities will allow participants to continue to build their knowledge and skills. Learning is fun! Competition is just another word for recreation!

One of the most important goals is to create continuous involvement in your club among your clinic participants. You can sustain their avid interest by giving each participant a brochure or flyer about membership, leagues, activities, and events that may interest them. Remember that when the women in a family shoot, the entire family is likely to become involved. Your club can grow in membership and your programs can benefit from having newcomers join through Women On Target® Instructional Shooting Clinics.

The success of the Women On Target® Instructional Shooting Clinics can be measured by the continuing demand for more clinics all across the country. Reports from clinic directors indicate that volunteers enjoy the clinics as much as participants do, and often begin planning their next clinic as they are wrapping up their first. Frequently, participants must be turned away due to an overwhelming response! Furthermore, surveys of participants show that nearly all plan to attend another Women On Target® Instructional Shooting Clinic in the near future.

The Clinic consists of two parts. The first is a safety, handgun and ammunition orientation with a session of hands-on with unloaded firearms.  Then there is a lunch at the range, provided , and then shooting handguns of .22 cal., 380 cal., 9mm, 38 spcl, and 45 acp and a muzzle loading pistol, cap and ball revlover, and a single action 45 colt

The Pikes Peak Firearms Coalition[ppfc.org] and the Colorado Springs Muzzle Loaders[csmlinc.org] co-sponsor the Clinic.   To view a video procuced for the Women On Target Program and pictures of previous range session, click on the links at the top of the page.

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